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Buttons! ...Well, button prototypes.

I've begun experimenting with cross stitch buttons. It's something I've wanted to do for a while now, but I didn't know that there are actually buttons specially designed to be covered with fabric. Then I discovered that there are several Etsy stores that sell them, in many sizes. I'm not sure all my designs will work on buttons, since some might be the wrong size or shape, but we'll see what I can come up with. Let me know what you think of these (eg is there too much space around the TARDIS for it to look good?). Also, should I do these as magnets as well? I'm thinking about it, it wouldn't be too difficult. Internet, I need your opinions! :P

For now, I've made buttons of the TARDIS, weeping angels, and a Christmas Dalek. Because really, who can resist Christmas Dalek? <3

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K-9 and other fun things

Oh look, it's an update I meant to post a month ago! Go me!

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New Pattern Listing!

Well, it's not much, but it's a start. I've finally put together a pattern for my Christmas Dalek bookmark. You can find the pattern over here, if you're interested.

It's a silly thing, but I really do love it.

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Don't Blink bookmark pattern

I've decided to put up the pattern for my Don't Blink bookmark here on LJ. I don't really want to charge people money for this pattern, since the text "Don't Blink" is a significant part of the bookmark and I didn't design that font. The weeping angels and the way the bookmark is arranged are my work, but the font came from here and I don't intend to make money selling someone else's pattern. But I know some people would like this pattern, so here it is for free.

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Incredibly Geeky Cross Stitch

Right. It's about time I actually make a post about these here in my own journal, instead of just in communities. Journal? What journal?

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All right, I have finally  joined LJ.  And I'm only...how many years late?  Well, no matter, now I can leech oogle bishies read questionable fics...uh... (what is this LJ thing all about, anyway?) "social network" like never before!

As of now I have no friends on here and it may be a while before I get around to actually commenting and posting (that'll start when I'm back at school and procrastinating).  So who knows if and when anyone will actually read this.  If you are reading this...hi?  Welcome to my shabby, undecorated home!  Some day I'll get around to cleaning things up, maybe painting the walls and adding a bit of furniture.  But that day is not this day.

At this point I could spout some closing Japanese phrase, revealing myself as the fangirl I most definitely am, but...well, I don't actually know those phrases very well.  I didn't say I was a particularly good fangirl.  Except when it comes to Saiyuki.  But that will become readily apparent very quickly.

So with that, I am off to immerse myself once again in the fandom which is my food and drink.  To Saiyuki!